Tuesday, 18 March 2008

More Web Programming

I figured that because web programming is soooooo easy compared to the sort of coding we do everyday, I might as well get it learnt and add it to my big pot o' skills.

So this week I decided to have a look at JavaScript and more in depth with PHP. A simple image viewer / gallery seemed a wise thing to make as a test, so I grabbed a bunch of album cover images I had lying in a folder and got to work.

After a while it all started to make sense and I whacked together a simple php page shows a list of images which can be scrolled through using buttons or by clicking the image you want to skip directly to.

Click here to view the page.

Its all quite nice and works well enough. The whole system is completely flexible, allowing it to be used with any number of images and with any amount of images on screen at once (changeable using a little form and php post values).

I also figured it'd be wise to have the code viewable, but just using the browser's "View Source" option doesn't display all the php. So I wrote another php page that parses and a displays the index.php code in the same folder. Another php file is included in the index.php page which adds a small link box to the code parser in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. All neat and reusable for future php stuff.

Click here to view the code parser page.

On the point of future php stuff, I'm going to look into making an editable contact info MySQL database page for names and addresses accessible to certain users to act as an easily maintained global address book for families (specifically mine). This way, everyone can easily access and update family member's addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and much more.

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