Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sketch Processing in Games

Sketch Processing is the system of taking input data from an a device such as a touchpad and transforming the original raw data into a chosen output.

I am currently undertaking a project in which I am attemptng to implement several sketch processing techniques in a Nintendo DS application in order to analyse the possibilities and extents of the technologies within a gaming environment.

So far I have researched and analysed existing techniques spanning the subject and chosen a few to implement in my DS application.

I will be looking into:
  • Stroke Approximation with Average Based Filtering.
  • Scale Space Filtering.
  • Least Square Fit Fluid Sketching.
  • $1 Recognizer.
In further blogs I intend to go into more detail on each of these techniques.

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nigelbottomley said...

Fucking brilliant - I don't understand most of it but it looks impressive.

Your dad